New film about our project!

The goals of GOTSolar and ways we are on to achieve them have now been described in a short movie. Grant executors from UPORTO and EFACEC tell the story behind their involvement in perovskite photovoltaics.


Insights in Perovskite Solar Cell Fabrication: Unraveling the Hidden Challenges of Each Layer

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2018, 8, 1029-1038.

Boosting the performance of Cu2O photocathodes for unassisted solar water splitting devices

Nature Catalysis, 2018, 1, 412–420.

Power of mechanochemistry: A new multicomponent perovskite

Scientists working within GOTSolar have demonstrated a perovskite cell, in which a relatively large guanidinium cation was incorporated into the crystal structure of perovskite using solventless mechanochemical approach. Guanidinium perovskites contain less volatile amines and are more resistant to external factors than the parent perovskite. The higher durability of the photovoltaic cells is a considerable argument in favour of their commercialization.

A press release about this piece of research has been published by the IChF PAN. Full text is available here:


One-step mechanochemical incorporation of an insoluble cesium additive for high performance planar heterojunction solar cells

Nano Energy, 2018, 49, 523–528.

TEDx talk by Luisa Andrade

A talk entitled O futuro da energia solar nas nossas cidades was given by a GOTSolar executor, Luisa Andrade (UPORTO), at a TEDx event in Porto.

Adamantanes Enhance the Photovoltaic Performance and Operational Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells by Effective Mitigation of Interfacial Defect States

Adv. Energy Mater., 2018, 8, 1800275.

JPH2018 – an event supported by GOTSolar

For a third year in a row, the GOTSolar consortium, supports the French Workshop on Hybrid Perovskites. The JPH2018 took place 14-16th May 2018 in Grenoble-Autrans in the French Alps.

ABXPV Perovskite Thin Film Photovoltaics 2018: Summary and Pictures

27-28 February 2017, the GOTSolar consortium co-chaired a symposium devoted to recent progress in perovskite solar cells. The chairperson of the conference from GOTSolar was Jacky Even (CNRS/INSA Rennes), and the organisation work has been performed by NanoGe. The event was hosted in Rennes, France. The ABXPV18 120+ participating scientists and company delegates from 30+ countries, who gave their insights into the progress made in the research in perovskite photovoltaics. The GOTSolar consortium decided on their involvement on the ABXPV, since this conference had been organised for a few times before, having gained interest and recognition of the photovoltaics scientific community. ABXPV series was launched by Fundació Scito and NanoGe in early 2016, who have done the organisational work also at the current 2018 edition. To increase recognition in the scientific community the conference was paired with PEROPTO, which focused on the optical properties and devices based on perovskite materials. In the event, there were 15 participants representing GOTSolar, and the project results were communicated during the conference in several ways. First of all, it was done by the lectures given during the first part of the GOTSolar session. However, there were also talks given by GOTSolar executors during other sessions, and presented posters.

Scientific information and profile of the conference can be found here:

More detailed description of the Conference can be found in the Deliverable D7.3.


Figure 1.

Adélio Mendes, the GOTSolar coordinator, speaking about the project and the FET-Open action of the European Commission's Horizon 2020. Photo: Piotr Krupiński

Figure 1.

Conference main organiser, Jacky Even (INSA Rennes/GOTSolar), and project coordinator Adeélio Mendes (U. Porto/GOTSolar) communicating the project results at the opening of the conference. Photo: Piotr Krupiński

Figure 1.

Full house at the lecture of Prof. Adélio Mendes. Photo: Piotr Krupiński

Figure 1.

Plenary lecture of Prof. Michael Grätzel (EPFL/GOTSolar). Photo: Piotr Krupiński

Figure 1.

Plenary lecture of Dr. Michael Saliba (U. Fribourg, formerly: EPFL/GOTSolar). Photo: Piotr Krupiński

Figure 1.

Geraud Delport (CNRS/ENS Paris Saclay) presenting his research done within GOTSolar. Photo: Piotr Krupiński

Figure 1.

Family photo of GOTSolar executors present at the conference. Photo: Alexey Tarasov

Figure 1.

Poster session at the ABXPV18. Photo: NanoGe

Figure 1.

All participants of the ABXPV18. Photo: NanoGe

Anharmonicity and Disorder in the Black Phases of Cesium Lead Iodide

ACS Nano , 2018 12, 3477–3486.