A series of lectures for undergraduate students by GOTSolar leaders

The professors included in the Project gave lectures for university students from various universities. All of them aimed at encouraging the young generation to rely more on the renewable energy sources with particular focus on perovskite photovoltaics.

Educational activities at the University of Porto

A course that comprehends the introduction of the different renewable solar technologies and the theoretical concepts behind this field of study was organised at the University of Porto for Master on Chemical Engineering students. Besides the technical and scientific matters, the course also approaches the political and economic challenges and strategies for a better implementation of renewable energy technologies in today’s society. Along with the lectures, students are also encouraged to learn more about renewable energies through the development of a project regarding renewable technologies of their choice. The course also organizes visits to the laboratories to show at first-hand the work that is being developed by the researchers in this field, mainly, the fabrication processes of PSC and dye-sensitized solar cells and their (photo)electrochemical characterization.

Outside the classrooms, UPORTO organized several visits to companies in the field of photovoltaics. Students faced the reality of the solar energy industry and the industrial processes of fabrication of solar panels, always keeping in mind the connection with the research developed in this area of work.

Figure 1.

Students visiting the MARTIFER SOLAR headquarters in Portugal

“Solar energy [r]evolution in the light of climate change” – a workshop for high school students

As part of GOTSolar educational activities a workshop entitled ‘Solar energy [r]evolution in the light of climate change’ was organised. It took place in December 2017 at the laboratory in IChF PAN, and was targeted at high school students and holders of scholarships of the Polish National Children's Fund, by which the workshop was co-inspired. The aim of the classes was to enable participants to build a simple, self-made perovskite solar cell. During the whole week of workshop, young scientists were introduced into the world of photovoltaics during short theoretical introduction, during which they learnt about the history of solar photovoltaics and the characteristics of 3rd generation systems based on the perovskite materials. Afterwards, they participated in the practical part that included synthesis of materials that make up the individual layers of the solar cell and their characterization using various analytical methods. The participants were also introduced to the GOTSolar project itself and the European Union objectives towards science and technology including the Horizon 2020 FET-Open funding scheme.

Figure 1.

Workshop participants during the talk with one of the mentors from IChF PAN

Figure 1.

Perovskite samples synthesized by the workshop participants.

Figure 1.

Participants of the workshop with their mentros from IChF PAN