Patent: Laser-assisted encapsulation process and product thereof

A patent entitled “Laser-assisted encapsulation process and product thereof” was filled on 26 December 2017 with reference WO/2017/221218. This patent discloses a laser-assisted encapsulation in which a hermetic seal is formed through melting of an intermediate bonding layer by a laser beam, connecting two substrates to each other. This technique can be applied to temperature sensitive electronic devices, where the laser-assisted sealing is performed with substrates at room temperature, namely up to 150 °C. At least one of the substrates must be transparent at the wavelength of the laser and the bonding material is a paste meltable at a sufficiently low temperature, mainly composed of glass particles (glass frit), metal particles or composite materials made of glass and metal, or mono- or multi-layer metal films to provide strong adhesion and plasticity to the intermediate bonding layer.

More details about this patent can be found here: WO/2017/[email protected]

Paper: hybrid perovskite mechanosynthesis

D. Prochowicz, M. Franckevičius, A. M. Cieślak, S. M. Zakeeruddin, M. Grätzel, J. Lewiński
J. Mater. Chem. A, 2015, 3, 20772-20777.