List of recent press releases

A novel avenue to high-performance, stable perovskite solar cells

GOTSolar's EPFL researchers from Michael Grätzel's lab show how stable, scalable, and efficient perovskite solar cells can be produced through molecular engineering of multifunctional molecular modulators and using solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance to investigate their role in double-cation pure-iodide perovskites. Published in ...

New film about our project!

The goals of GOTSolar and ways we are on to achieve them have now been described in a short movie. Grant executors from UPORTO and EFACEC tell the story behind their involvement in perovskite photovoltaics.  

Power of mechanochemistry: A new multicomponent perovskite

Scientists working within GOTSolar have demonstrated a perovskite cell, in which a relatively large guanidinium cation was incorporated into the crystal structure of perovskite using solventless mechanochemical approach. Guanidinium perovskites contain less volatile amines and are more resistant to external factors than the parent ...

GOTSolar featured by Euronews

The research of GOTSolar has been featured in Euronews. The short film shows the work on the preparation of perovskite solar cells. The topic is presented by the GOTSolar executors from EPFL Lausanne, University of Porto, and GreatcellSolar.

Interview with Professor Adélio Mendes in Expresso – a leading journal of Portugal

In the article Prof. Mendes, the coordinator of the GOTSolar project, describes the history of his scientific path, which finally lead to his interest in perovskite solar cells. We learn that the cooperation, which has now resulted in GOTSolar project started a few years ago between his group from the University of Porto and now […]

Mechanochemistry paves the way to higher quality perovskite photovoltaics

Scientists working within GOTSolar has demonstrated a perovskite cell with a significantly smaller number of structural defects. The unexpected improvement of the photovoltaic performance was observed when perovskites produced by mechanochemistry were used for the construction of a typical photovoltaic cell. A press release about ...

Record stability for perovskite solar cells, efficiency over 20%!

Scientists working within GOTSolar have greatly improved the operational stability of perovskite solar cells by introducing cuprous thiocyanate protected by a thin layer of reduced graphene oxide. Devices lost less than 5% performance when subjected to a crucial accelerated aging test during which they were exposed for more than 1000 ...

Solubilizing the Insoluble: News of the Day in Polish Press Agency

A press release about our research has been published by the Polish Press Agency (PAP) and featured as "topic of the day" of the PAP's science section. The text describes the work done by Anna Cieślak (IChF PAN)

Photovoltaics? On perovskites produced by mechanochemistry

Perovskites, substances that perfectly absorb light, are the future of solar energy. The opportunity for their rapid dissemination has just increased thanks to a cheap and environmentally safe method of production of these materials, developed by chemists from Warsaw, Poland. Rather than in solutions at a high temperature, ...