List of recent press releases

Solubilizing the Insoluble: News of the Day in Polish Press Agency

A press release about our research has been published by the Polish Press Agency (PAP) and featured as "topic of the day" of the PAP's science section. The text describes the work done by Anna Cieślak (IChF PAN)

Newsletter of Portuguese Promotional Office of the Framework Programmes

The GOTSolar project has been chosen among hundreds of projects to spearhead the Newsletter of the Portuguese Promotional Office of the Framework Programme for RTD.

Photovoltaics? On perovskites produced by mechanochemistry

Perovskites, substances that perfectly absorb light, are the future of solar energy. The opportunity for their rapid dissemination has just increased thanks to a cheap and environmentally safe method of production of these materials, developed by chemists from Warsaw, Poland. Rather than in solutions at a high temperature, ...